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In 1539 the tavern was build. At 1573 the name “tavern zum Adler” was mentioned the first time. From 1580 to 1806 the Mayer family owned the tavern. Forone hundred years after Johann Baptist Demeter and his son had the ownership over the tavern.1906 the great grandfather of todays owner took over Anton Munding Pleß, after his marriage to Demeters daughter Josefa. Their son Ernst Munding and his wife Anastasia Munding had the busniness from 1936 and added guestrooms before world war II.

1982 Ernst und Anneliese Munding followed and gave the hotel and gasthof at 2001 to their son Karl and his wife Simone. Karl and Simone Munding brought plenty of new ideas and experience into the traditional house. Along with their innovation a lot of changes have been made.